The Pottery

The Studio

This is actually my second pottery workshop. When we moved to Hillsborough in 2000, we built a small studio that looked like an old tobacco barn. I had little room and could only use an electric kiln. During 2006 our friend Jeff Hopper built our new studio. The studio contains my wheel, spray booth, slab roller, extruder, and all my chemicals and glazes. I share the studio with my spouse, Jim, who runs his consulting practice from the studio.

Click here to visit the studio

The Kilns

A separate room attached to the studio holds my kilns. I have a Skutt electric kiln and a Bailey gas kiln. We fire the kilns up to cone 10 or 2400 degrees. Firing is a long, hot, sweaty and exhilarating 3 day process. It’s always magical to open up the kilns to review the results.

The Gallery

The gallery is attached to my studio and is open for visiting. You are welcome to come see me and view any pots I have available. See the “visit” tab for details.

Come see the kilns and the working studio at the next  kiln opening →